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(2019) One of the films of the year. Such a beautiful and well made movie. This movie is straight from the heart. Its definitely a MUST WATCH. Its has a Brilliant storyline and the cast together produce and put together this film perfectly. So its about a Chinese family some that live in America and some back home. Billi daughter in America speaks to her Nai Nai all the time and the family is very close nit. Until the Mum and Dad finds out the the Nai Nai is dying of lung Cancer and only has 3 months to live. But the Nai Nai doesnt no she has it so the family keeps it to them as its a Chinese tradition. The family want her to live her life normally. So the Mum and Dad go to China and say to Billi to stay but she still comes. The family is worried she might say something. But Billi wants to spent time with her and family as she having a tough time. The family stage a wedding for more family to see Nai Nai. Rating 9/10